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Bharti Solanky

Bharti Solanky, Consultant, The World Bank and Associate, Paterson Sustainability Limited.

Bharti Solanky is a social specialist with over twenty-five years of experience working on ESG and sustainability issues in development finance. She specialises in environment & social risk management frameworks, social impact assessment, resettlement and rehabilitation planning, and stakeholder engagement, Her work on these, spanning 150+ projects in multiple sectors across India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Denmark, Germany, and Australia, has enabled companies and financial intermediaries respond meaningfully to ESG challenges.

Bharti is currently engaged with the World Bank Group as a consultant. In the past, she has worked with International Finance Corporation as staff and consultant for more than ten years, undertaking social and environmental due diligences against international standards and national regulations. Designing and delivering capacity building programs for risk management for project operator and financial intermediary clients has been another key area of work for her.