About auctusESG

auctusESG is a global sustainable finance and ESG advisory and enabling firm, which stands at the intersection of finance, investments and sustainability.

Founded in 2020 by Namita Vikas, auctusESG is a global expert advisory firm facilitating global sustainable development and the climate transition, standing at the intersection of finance, investments and sustainability.

With its robust experience in sustainable finance, ESG and climate risk assessment, transparency and disclosures, it provides unique advisory and enables holistic financial solutions to complex global challenges, with a risk-return-impact perspective.

Its solutions and advisory include Sustainable Finance & Climate Strategy, ESG Risk & Resilience, and Research & Innovation, through which it is able to institutionalise and operationalise ESG and climate strategies, and integrate holistic risk assessment frameworks in operations and lending of entities. Developing innovative policy solutions and contributingthought leadership to the broader sustainable finance and ESG discourse, is one of its prime business focus.

The firm’s ecosystem consists of asset owners including pension plans, insurance companies, banks, non-banking financial companies, developmental financial institutions, family offices, endowments, assets managers, banking associations, governments, multilateral, bilateral agencies, and academia at a global level.

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