Advisory Board

Guided by an expert advisory board comprising accomplished senior global leaders from industry, notably:

yoast expert advisory board Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma

Advisor to International Finance Corporation (IFC), Institute of International Finance (IIF) & Mastercard & Former Global Chief Investment Officer, IFC

yoast expert advisory board Advisory Chris Knowles

Chris Knowles

Member of Advisory Boards of HSBC Real Economy Green Investment Opportunity, OECD Centre for Green Finance and Investment & Former Climate & Environmental Finance Head, European Investment Bank

yoast expert advisory board Elvira Lefting

Elvira Lefting

Managing Director, Finance in Motion GmbH

yoast expert advisory board Advisory Irving Mintzer

Irving Mintzer

Research Professor & Director, Public Policy School, University of Maryland, USA

auctusESG Advisory Maneck Davar

Maneck Davar

Chairman, Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC), Ministry of Commerce, Government of India

auctusESG Advisory Ravneet Gill

Ravneet Gill

Former MD and CEO, Deutsche Bank AG

Sean Kidney

Sean Kidney

Founder & CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative